“... still warm from the hands of the one who made it.”
- Frank Chimero
My work favors branding, illustration, and print. The analogue and psychological sides of design are my favorite. People fuel my work. I'm fascinated by their souls, habits, and rawness. I am really interested in more experience in editorial, experimental, or environmental design.
I'm a nature, psychology, coffee, fashion, & music-loving lady. I'll admit I'm a horse girl as well. When I'm not working, I'm dancing, watching Golden Girls, working with horses, or tending to plants. My bookshelf currently holds Just Kids, The Body Keeps the Score, The Alchemist, and Thinking Fast and Slow. I'm very musically driven and my playlists include a lot more rap than you'd expect, (and even more soul music). If you have music recommendations, I am always down to hear them. Only one rule. No country unless it's old school.