Hotel Suede
Identity, 2020
What if a hotel had soul? An interior + graphic design collaboration. Leah Gurie and I renovated a factory in Memphis, TN to create a full boutique hotel experience. We defined soul as "not tangible but can still be experienced through a tangible energy." See our documented process on Instagram.
When you enter Hotel Suede, you will see our listening room for guests to access. This room is called "Sound of Soul" and holds a growing collection of Memphis voices. Guests also have the option to check out records to take to their personal record player in their room. You can listen to the Sound of Soul here.
At the end of this studio, we presented our finished hotel identity as well as its restaurant, sol. We put great emphasis on the senses at the show with suede textiles, essential oils, records playing, visuals, and tea.

Along this journey, we met Bird. She is a ceramicist whose work is about the warmth that remains in handmade work. She says that her pieces have souls of their own. We invited her to work with us on our hotel's dishes and pottery. You can find more of her work on Instagram or Etsy.

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